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Certifications & Qualifications


At G&C Multi-Services, we place a huge emphasis on the ideal of trust. We know that authenticity, validity, and legitimacy are crucial components in the business world and we want our customers and clients to see us for who we are. A company that strives day in and day out to deliver top quality results in the products we produce and the services that we offer. That's why we have taken the time and effort to get officially cleared and certified by a plethora of divisions, departments, certifications, organizations and courses. Below is a list of each that we have divided into four specific categories; products, personnel, company, and safety.



Hard work and dedication goes into each and every product distributed and manufactured by G&C Multi-Services, and we want you to take comfort in the fact that what you're receiving is our best. Here is a list of certified reasons why you should always choose us for your retail needs.



At the very core of everything we do here at G&C Multi-Services you will always find one common-denominator; people. We believe that people are the very heart of our company as well as the motivating factor that constantly pushes us forward. This is why we make sure every technician we hire is well trained and versed in absolutely everything they need to know. We always go above and beyond to ensure that whatever job, project, or undertaking is ahead of you, you will be provided with no less than an expert. Check out the programs, courses, and certifications that make our people your people.



Our business knows no bounds when it comes to the versatile array of services we offer. That's why it's absolutely critical for us to make sure everything checks out for you, that way you will check out with us! Below is a comprehensive list of all the company qualifications and certifications that help to make G&C Multi-Services the successful fabrication, welding, machining, installation, and repair shop it is today.



G&C Multi-Services has flourished successfully and been in full-service operation for over ten years with zero losses due to injury or liability. We attribute this to the fact that we hold only the highest regard for safety and security. We know that our industry can be a dangerous one which is why we have taken as many measures available to prevent such crises like mishaps, carelessness, emergencies, or other job related risks. Monte Cryts, CEO of G&C Multi-Services, was a previous OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 hour certified instructor. Concern for the company's overall well-being does not solely rely in the heart of the person in charge however, our technicians are also OSHA certified, MSHA certified, and PSS environmentally certified as well. All of our technicians are trained weekly for job specific safety related to their particular field or area of expertise. Safety is not only a viable matter of utmost importance on land, however, as G&C has been working in the river industry for seven years with no reportable incidents or safety violations. We are able to maintain reputable this track record by utilizing an outside safety company to uphold and manage a company safety manual, conduct periodic employee safety training classes, implement random drug screens, and enforce DOT drug screening policies. With all of these safe guards securely in place combined with our fault-free statistics, there should be absolutely no doubt that you are in good hands!