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Hours: 8am-4:30pm CST M-F

  • Adaptation Through Customization
  • Industrial ServicesOur versatile capabilities also include the following industrial services: Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, Fabrication, Water pump Sales & Service, Hydraulic Repair, and Recycling Equipment.
  • Commercial ServicesG&C Multi-Services offers a wide range of commercial services including, but not limited to; Welding Projects, Generator/Machine Installation and Repair.
  • Electrical- Land & MarineAlong with our commercial & industrial talents, G&C's skilled technicians are able to perform electrical troubleshooting, land & marine pipe fitting, general construction, and Electric Power Controls including PLC's on or off the water.
  • Doors & DocksWe also supply and service garage doors and docks whether they are commercial, industrial, or residential and proudly partner with both Raynor & Rytec.
  • Welder RepairNot to be confused with our Welding Services, G&C Multi-Services also holds the key to the maintenance of your welding unit and it's many accessories & components
  • Trusted BrandsG&C Multi-Services proudly utilizes the fantastic products from each one of these exceptional name brands.

Why use a waterjet?

We are able to penetrate virtually any material including, but not limited to, steel, stainless, aluminum, wood, rubber, non-tempered glass, ceramic tile, granite, concrete, marble, plastic, and more! We wield the ability to process a wide range of thicknesses from wafer thin materials and other consistencies up to 8 inches think depending on tolerances and practicalities.

Our Omax also utilizes an efficient cold cutting system which leads to absolutely no heat affected zones and zero mechanical stresses. G&C cares about our working environment and this is a proven clean cutting process without any harmful gasses or oils. We guarantee the end result will always leave a satisying finish, reducing secondary operations as well as eliminating "scaly" edges resulting in much higher weld quality.


"Our company desperately needed some hydraulic work done in the form of cylinder and pump repair. After we looked into the reputation and past projects of G&C Multi-Services LLC we decided to give them a try. Not only did they do an excellent job for us, but they got the work done in almost half the time it would have normally taken anyone else. We were extremely satisfied with our results and we look forward to doing business with them in the future."
-Project Coordinator, Local Marine Shop

"Just a note of thanks for working with us on this project! This was a tough one. Your team, under the direction of Mr. Shankle, performed well. They worked safely, were organized, and stepped up to the plate under challenging circumstances."
-Mark DeWeese, North American VRC